Informative Essay to Give your Readers the Required Knowledge

Informative Essay
Tips to writing an informative essay
1. It is always good to write this essay on those topics whose information would benefit a large section of the readers. Here we take the example of lice of pediculosis , a common affectation.
2.All facts and information pertaining to the topic pediculosis needs to be collected and also probable questions which may cross the reader’s mind while reading the article needs to be thought of and outlined and answers looked for. Observations and personal experiences if any can be added to the collected data. Besides doctors, nurses and patients can also be interviewed to get more facts and figures.
3.While starting the essay the introduction needs to be very interesting to keep the reader’s attention and possibly a good heading would be instantly eye catching. The introduction would be a lead-on to the main topic and a general discussion on Pediculosis – A Common Endemic Problem, and how to avoid this condition can be mentioned here.
as for example the introduction can be written as :
Pediculosis is the condition arising from infestation of the human body by the parasite commonly referred to as lice with the generic name of Pediculus. It is an ectoparasite that lives on the body of its host and survives by sucking blood from it. There are mainly three lice varieties found on the body of a human being. These are the head louse or scientifically known as Pediculus humanus, var. capitis, the body louse known as Pediculus humanus, var. corporis, and the pubic louse or Phthirus pubis…….
4.For the main body all information and data that has been collected has to be presented here in a logical and smooth manner. Care needs to taken so that the data given does not become haphazard and thus appear unimpressive to the reader while presentation. Figures showing as to how much of the population suffer from pediculosis, the symptoms, possible cures etc everything can be discussed in details here in the main body.
as for example the body can be written as:
The head louse or P. capitis and the body louse P. corporis are very similar in shape, with the head louse being slightly smaller in size. The P. pubis is very distinct is shape with claw like pincers like that of crabs. They suck blood many times in a day and reproduce very fast with a single female louse producing nearly up to ten eggs per day in its average life span of about 30 days. So if kept untreated it will spread very fast and besides causing severe itching in the infected body parts, may also cause secondary infection, furunculosis and sometimes has been known to be a vector of other diseases like the relapsing fever, trench fever and also typhus. The eggs laid by the head and body louse are shiny ovular structures known as nits and are fixed to the hair by chitin that is tenacious and so, extremely difficult to remove. The main symptoms of this infection as Craven and Hirnle (2008) tell us are that …….
5.For the conclusion the entire article has to be summarized without going into details. No new information should be given. The main idea would be to give a logical ending to the essay and create a deep impression in the reader’s mind regarding this common yet very dreaded problem of pediculosis.
For example the conclusion may be written as:
Thus, pediculosis a very common infection, caused by the lice due to unhygienic living and physical conditions, is a very fast spreading one and often can be a source of embarrassment for the patient. It has to be dealt with sensitivity and extreme care by the concerned ….
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