Research Proposal Format for a Successful Proposal Presentation

Research Proposal Format for a Successful Proposal Presentation
Research Proposal Format- Guidelines
Research proposal format, as the very name suggests, is used for preparing and writing a proposal presentation which has to be submitted before the actual thesis work is started. The purpose of submitting a proposal paper before the actual thesis work is to convince your guide or instructor that an extensive research work is really needed into the field that you have chosen to work on. A proposal paper is slightly different from that of a research paper writing. Before writing the research proposal the student will have to conduct an extensive exploration on the chosen topic. The main aim will be to gather as much information as possible and also to find out how much research work has been done previously on it. Before you start writing your proposal, it would be a good idea to go through all the available sample essays that deal with proposal writing.
A Research proposal paper like any other thesis paper will have a title page, a research paper abstract, an executive summary, an introduction, literature review section, the body or discussion section and a conclusion. The executive summary should give a very brief run-down of the topic chosen so the reader is aware at once as to what the theme is about. The introduction should give the definition of all relevant important terms and terminologies and present the topic in a manner that is captivating and illuminating enough to get the attention and initial approval of the instructors. It should be well written leading to the formulation of a strong and logical thesis statement or hypothesis. After the introduction there will be the literature section, that will give a tentative list of all the books that will be used during the research work, and will explain the reason behind the choice of each book. After this chapter will be the research paper methodology section which will outline the methods that the writer proposes to follow while conducting the research work. Next will be the body or discussion section and it should contain all the necessary details related to the topic and must essentially explain in details as to how the research work is necessary. The body part should be able to explain in convincing notes as to why more research work is needed to be conducted in this field and how much difference one’s research work would bring about on that topic. The thesis statement or hypothesis made in the introduction paragraph should be taken up here and proven that no work has already been done on the thesis statement formulated and it is a first of its kind in that field. The proposal would end in a conclusion which gives a brief summary of the main and important points covered in the body part. The concluding statement should be forceful enough to convince the reader to pass the proposal.
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