Classification Essay – Categorize or Evaluate

Classification Essay- Guidelines
Classification essays are written using a very basic skill of being able to sort themes or ideas into categories. This is done mainly so as to be able to explore more into each of the broken down category. Sometimes these categories are easily recognized and distinguished by the reader. However sometimes categories are so created that they are aimed to show contrasting aspects. Writing this essay will involve primarily three things. Firstly, it will select the chosen themes or ideas and categorize them into relevant and logical groups. One has to keep in mind that too many categories will not be a good idea as it will only serve to confuse the reader. Each category will have to be explained in details so having too many categories is in no way desirable. Secondly the writer will have to select a categorizing theory or principal to which he must stick to in the entire essay. This principal will form the base on which the classification will be done, so it is essential that the writer follows it throughout. Thirdly each category should have supporting evidences that helps to prove the writer’s stand.
A classification essay on a large account depends on the amount of categories formed by the writer. Too many categories will drag the essay making it a bit too tedious. The way the categories are presented may also affect the writing pattern of the essay. While some writers will prefer to start from the less important ones and gradually move onto the more important categories, others will like to start right with the most important category. It completely depends on how the writer wants to represent his essay and what effect he wants to create on the reader. Whatever way the writer decides to choose, the categories created should be logical and the essay concise and well organised.
There are two ways to write a classification essay. A writer may base his essay on classifying objects or he may rate and evaluate objects. As for example in the first type he may classify his friends based on their eye color or hair color. In the second type he may want to evaluate or rate the local supermarket based on the type of products they have, the helpfulness of the staff etc. Whichever way you choose or be assigned, this essays looks for organizing capacity in its writer, along with an analytical capacity to from categories correctly and logically with supporting evidences.
Writing a classification essay will require a writer understand the topic well and form categories intelligently and logically. One should take care to organize the topic well so that the reader is not confused while reading it. Proof reading and editing is another important aspect which a writer must not forget to do before submitting the project.
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