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Narrative Essay – Basic Guidelines
Narrative essays are more like writing a story and can be like a reflective essay or a maybe a personal essay or even an exploratory essay. The writer will choose an experience from his own life and narrate the incident to the reader. It may be some past incident that the writer may choose to share with his readers or it may be something related to some present experiences that he may wish to write on. Whatever he does the essay must be written in a conversational and informal tone. The basic thing about writing a narrative essay is that there must be a strong story on which the essay must be based. A successful narration never fails to make a point on the basis of a good story.
A writer can write a narrative essay on experiences that he feels will appeal to his reader and something that he too feels interested in. Like any other essay this one will also consist of the five paragraph format. The introduction should present the topic to the reader but in brief. It should also tell the reader what the topic will deal with, whether it is an event that will be narrated or a personal experience or a personal observation. Whatever topic is chosen to be narrated, it must be presented to the customer at the introduction itself. The body will describe the theme in details. It can be made interesting by giving anecdotes and also by presenting dialogues. However the latter should be used minimally and with proper punctuation marks.The theme should be given in details here so that the reader knows exactly what is going on.The writing should be well flowing, descriptive and lively, so that narration keeps the reader hooked on. It should also be in first person so as to make the reader feel intimate with the writer. The language should be simple and casual. The conclusion should summarize the whole essay and should have a statement that makes a point to the entire story. Once the essay is finished the writer must make sure to poof read and edit the whole write up. This is an extremely part of the entire essay writing as presenting a paper that is completely error free should be a priority on the writer’s part. The end product should be an error free, well organised, logical and a comprehensive paper that leaves a strong and long lasting impression on the reader.
Since narrative essays are like story telling, the writer should mentally loosen up before starting to write and the writing style should be simple and fluid and each paragraph should flow smoothly into the next. This is a simple essay writing as the writer can write from his personal experiences and is free to write almost anything as long it is written well and can appeal to the reader.
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