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Help to write a Reflective Essay
Reflective essays are generally personal essays that require the writer to reflect on a certain experience or event from his own life. This special event must have some sort of social relevance and must relate to the the people around us. The writer will have to present his own views and perceptions on the issue. It is a sort of philosophical interpretation which a writer will have to give to a normal and quite ordinary incident. So writing this essay will involve a certain amount of creative ability on the part of the writer to change something that is ordinary, and give it a new perception with social relevance.
Most topics for a reflective essay are in a rhetoric form. As for example, what is the meaning of life? or may be, what is love? it may also be, what does death mean to you? Topics which give fodder for thought, topics which compel you to reflect on the complexities of life form the ideal theme to write this essay on. These questions must be explored by the writer through his personal experiences and understanding and explained to the reader keeping the social context of the issue in mind. The writing style of this essay must be vivid in describing the experience, so that the reader can almost feel it too. It must be such that the reader feels that the writer is talking to him on a personal basis and discussing the meaning of love or life or death with him directly. A creative essay should be written in such a manner that the reader can almost feel the writer’s presence.
A reflective essay like any other essay will follow the general essay formats like the MLA/APA/Chicago or Harvard pattern as prescribed by the instructor. It will follow the five paragraph essay format, unless otherwise specified, and start with an introduction. The introductory paragraph will introduce the topic briefly to the reader. It will have to be interesting enough to keep the reader glued to the writing. The main body of the essay will discuss the views and opinions of the writer on the theme and discuss the topic’s social relevance. The conclusion will have to summarize the entire essay briefly to the writer will have to restate the main arguments though in different words. The concluding statement should be strong and clearly state the writer’s viewpoint. After reading the concluding paragraph the reader should get a feeling that all points have been covered and nothing has been left unsaid.
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