Controversial Essay Topics – Choose the One You Feel strongly About

Controversial Essay Topics- Ideally Choose from the Latest Controversies
Academic essay writing is something even a child in the primary stage of education is aware of and his essay writing journey starts with simple ones like”my best friend” or ‘a domestic animal”, etc. Starting with this as he moves to higher classes, where he writes different types of essays for his term paper. If he studies further then will come research paper writing or thesis writing, proposal presentation and dissertation writing. So as one can see the process gets tougher and more complex with age and time.Writing a one page essay or a two page essay is not a difficult job as when compared to writing 8-10 pages for a term paper and even more for research paper writing. Similarly there are some essay types which are easy enough to write, while others are not. Writing an essay on controversial essay topics is definitely of the more complex type and needs certain essay writing skills on the part of the writer.
Controversial essays require a writer to choose a topic that generates strong debate and there are two very strong sides to the topic. Here the writer will have to take a stand and he will have to prove his stand by presenting strong and reliable evidences to support his views. He will have to argue logically, reason intelligently and present evidences that support his stand conclusively to his reader. Besides, one will have to understand the topic very well to build a strong case and convince the reader.
Controversial essay topics must be chosen with care. Since these topics can stir up a hornet’s nest one should be well armed with evidences. Some controversial topics that one can choose to write on are:
1. Child labor essay– what does the family members of this young earner and often the only earner in the family have to say.
2. stem cell research paper- a modern day controversial topic
3. legalization of prostitution
4.Abortion research paper- a right for the mother or a right for the unborn child
5. Adoption in gay families
6.Spare the rod and spoil the child – does this theory hold valid in today’s world.
7.Human rights activists are fighting to free all murderers, terrorists and anti social elements. They are never around when a terrorist murders scores of innocent people, they come rushing around when the army/police guns down a militant. Should we do away with this right in certain scenarios?
8. An artist is answerable not only to his art but also to the society, as it is this society that sustains him.
9. Incest has been legalized recently in some countries, is this correct -morally, ethically and socially?
10. Should DNA cloning be banned. Are we trying to play God by creating new living things from a single DNA.
As we can see from the above list ofControversial essay topics that these are potentially disturbing topics with strong views and supporters on both sides of each issue. So when you choose a topic, first analyze your feelings on that topic very well.
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