How to Write a Critical Essay for a Paper

A critical essay is a piece of writing used to examine and assess a situation, product or another kind of writing. In this case we are referring to an essay used to criticize another piece of work like a term paper, research paper or simply another essay. Critical essays for other writings are also known as critiques.
In a critique, one needs to rationally look at the subject being examined considering the entire positive, neutral and negative aspects evenly with out prejudice.
Guidelines for Writing a Critical Essay as You Analyze a Paper
Examining and assessing an essay or another type of writing, you must put into consideration the following factors as your key guides for your critical essay writing.
• Content: All the content in the paper you are analyzing should depend on the readers and what the writer intends to communicate to them. You must have a clear understanding of the type of audience targeted, their interests, knowledge and experiences. Check whether there are enough details, facts or statistics supporting the main idea. Examine the clarity of the main idea, whether it is easily comprehended. Check whether the content interests or is boring the readers. If there are boring ideas, advise the writer to do away with them and restructure the sentences to avoid unconnected or repeated details. Trace for unrelated ideas, advising the writer to cut out those that are not related to the topic. Start analyzing the paper basing on these key issues and make your comments accordingly.
• Organization: As you examine the paper, consider the arrangement in which the readers would easily understand the ideas and details. Establish whether the flow of work is uninterrupted, and that there are connections and continuity between ideas and sentences or paragraphs. Majorly assess the clarity due to arrangement, logical order and continuity. Criticize any poor attribution for the above dimensions.
• Style: This majorly examines and assesses the language in relation to the purpose and audience. Take note of the existence of slang and contractions in formal writing. Check whether there is a smooth flow of the content. Sometimes the style dictates the approach for the paper, therefore, be keen on how the paper handles the ideas’ presentation; especially the introduction, body details and the conclusion.
• Format: This looks at the format for referencing source materials and typing or word processing instructions. There are various standards, including the American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), Council of Science Editors (CSE), Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), and so on. Ensure the right style followed and check according to its requirements.
• Finishing: Even the simplest mistake in usage, grammar or mechanics can alter the meaning of the ideas in the paper. Cross check for any grammatical errors, wrong punctuations, spelling mistakes, and so on.
In your critical essay give the situations as they are and make sure you state the missing points or suggest those that need to be abandoned. You can further look for essay samples and essay help for further perfection of your ability to write such essays.
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