Make Your Point through an Opinion Essay

Make your opinions reach far and wide
Everyone has an opinion about everything and an opinion essay is the best way to express your opinion in a way that other people would notice it. School life means essays and papers and voicing your opinion may not exactly be possible. But through this essay you can convey your views about any topic to your instructor and all others who read it. There are many things to be thought about before writing this essay and the most important thing among these is that your opinions should not be baseless.
Your opinion essay should have the usual five paragraphs consisting of all the components of research paper. The first step is to choose the topic. If your instructor had already given you the topic, then your work is reduced. If not, then you should look for a kind of topic that has a lot of scope to voice your opinions. You can also combine a persuasive essay with this because you can persuade a person to come to your point of view with your opinion about the topic or situation at hand. The title is as important as the topic or essay because that is the part of the essay which creates a lasting impression throughout the essay.
The introduction of your paper will induce the reader and even your instructor to read more and more to the end of your paper. The introduction would be better if you start it with an anecdote or something of that kind to make it even more interesting. Although it is easy to write your whole opinion essay with stories and elaborating what you think about it, being brief is what actually matters. The complete essay should be concise if you want it to be effective and create an impact on whoever is reading.
Although you are writing your views on the topic, you should take care that the topic or your opinion should not hurt anybody. It would be wise not to choose religious topics because it has a lot of difficult areas that are best left untouched. Controversial topics are always a great platform to make your opinion known to others. There are many phrases that can be used to imply that you have a firm opinion on something but it is also unwise to overdo it because it may bore your readers if they keep reading the same thing over and over again.
Of course, your opinion essay must follow the MLA format paper but you must follow your instructor’s requirements if he asks for some other format. If you have understood all this and have a clear picture in your mind, then you will have no problem at all while writing your essay.
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