Informative Essay- Give as much Information as Possible Without Making it Boring

Informative Essay – Basic Guidelines

Informative essay as the name suggests is all about giving information to the readers without making it too dreary and boring. Like any other essay it also consists of three parts – an introduction, the main body and a conclusion. The introduction will give stress on the fact as to why that particular theme was chosen and why the writer thinks it to be important. it will also give relevant and important information on the topic but in brief. It has to be presented in a such a manner that the reader feels the urge to read on. The main body will contain the details about the topic chosen. Facts and important information are to be presented here in great details. The writing has to be strong and smooth so that the essay flows effortlessly from one paragraph to the next which forms the subtopic of the essay. Logical continuity must be there and broken facts and information instead of forming a strong chain will disrupt the smooth flow and spoil the whole effect. The conclusion must give a proper summary of the whole essay without repeating the facts and information. There must be a logical ending to the essay to create a strong and long lasting impression on the reader’s mind.
Certain points to be remembered while writing aninformative essay:
1. It is always good to write this essay on those topics whose information would benefit a large section of the readers. Here we take the example of dental problems.
2.All facts and information pertaining to the topic dental problems needs to be collected and also probable questions which may cross the reader’s mind while reading the article needs to be thought of and outlined and answers looked for. Observations and personal experiences if any can be added to the collected data. For further information National Health Information Center can be taken into account. Besides doctors and patients can also be interviewed to get more facts and figures.
3.While starting the essay the introduction needs to be very interesting to keep the reader’s attention and possibly a good heading would be instantly eye catching. The introduction would be a lead-on to the main topic and a general discussion on teeth and its various problems and how to the correct taking care can be made here.
4.For the main body all information and data that has been collected has to be presented here in a logical and smooth manner. Care needs to taken so that the data given does not become haphazard and thus appear unimpressive to the reader while presentation. Figures showing as to how much of the population suffer from teeth and gum disease, who suffer more – men or women, causes of tooth decay, , symptoms, possible cures etc everything can be discussed here in the main body.
5.For the conclusion the entire article has to be summarized without going into details. No new information should be given. The main idea would be to give a logical ending to the essay and create a deep impression in the reader’s mind regarding this common yet very dreaded problem of tooth decay.
While writing aninformative essay one has to keep in mind that a lot of information has to be collected. This would mean a lot of hard work and an in depth research on the theme. The essay also besides giving out information will have to be stimulating to the reader at the same time. Like any in otheressay writing one must be aware as to how to cite a paper correctly. This paper will give out much information and all sources will have to be duly cited. It will be good if one browses through the various available essay example and essay prompts so that he knows how to frame the perfect essay.
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