Essay Structure – An Important Part of your Essay

Essay Structure – An Important Part of your Essay
Tips for a Good Essay Structure
Writing with the correct essay structure is of primary importance for all students vying to get good grades. A good essay structure means following the correct essay format, writing logically and organizing the topic well, so that the reader very easily understands what the writer is trying to express. Writing a great essay starts with choosing a good theme, framing the right question and choosing the perfect thesis statement. The next important part is doing good, in-depth research work on the chosen theme.
While writing an assignment one will have to use a white 8 and ? inch by 11 inch paper which is to to be written on one side only. A margin of 1 inch is to be left at all sides of the page, that is, on the top, bottom,left and right hand side and this is followed for all the pages of the essay. The only exception being the page number which is written on the top right hand corner and inside a header. A title page is not necessary until otherwise specified by the instructor. If there is no title page then on the first page of the essay the name of the writer is to be written flush against the left margin, 1 inch from the top and followed by the instructor’s name , course code number and the date , each on a separate line and with double spacing. After the date and again after double spacing, the title of the essay is to be written and aligned centrally. If the instructor does not want the first page to be numbered then the numbering will start with page number two. The title is to be written in title case and not be written in all capital letters. The title is not to be underlined nor to be put in quotation marks. Nouns, like names of people and place and other important words will have to be capitalized but conjunctions and prepositions are written in lower case. eg.Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. This is the same for all headings and sub headings too. If there has to be a title page then all the above information needs to written in the same manner in a separate page or if any instructions are given by the instructor then that will have to be strictly followed while writing the title page.
A good essay structure will follow the mla/apa/chicago or harvard format as per the teacher’s instructions. It will be written in Times New Roman, 12 font size and will be double spaced. The beginning of each paragraph will have to be indented 5 times. All in-text citations must necessarily be given correctly and the reference page written accordingly. Write the essay in a simple, concise language using short sentences. Make sure you edit the essay before submitting. Before writing an essay check the various available essay samples and essay examples and study their structure well.
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