Analytical Essay Format- First Understand the Topic Thoroughly to be able to Analyze it Properly

Analytical Essay Format – Guidelines.
When compared to the various different types of essays,writing an analytical essay generally requires a lot of analytical skill on the writer’s part. Analysis means, basically to conduct a sort of post mortem report on the subject chosen and for this the chosen theme needs to be studied thoroughly first. After the topic is well understood, then it has to be put under the microscope to be examined more closely, with a close eye on its relevant history and the message it conveys. Only after this should one be ready to analyze and write on the topic. The theme chosen may be anything, ranging from a piece of art, to a literary work to a happening like a special event or maybe even a controversial idea. Once the topic is chosen and fixed, then one needs to check out the required essay format. It may be MLA/APA/Chicago or Harvard format of writing,as the professor asks for. Besides this an analytical essay format will follow the standard pattern of any other academic essay writing.
1.An introduction will present the topic and provide all relevant information pertaining to the topic in brief. The reader must be able to form an opinion of the subject by reading the introduction. A bad introduction will spoil the effect and dissuade the reader from going further. A thesis statement, if required, must be given here.
2.Body – this will consist of the main discussion and will give all details related to the topic chosen. Here the writer will analyze the theme and discuss it in details. The writer will have to write his own opinions and thoughts on the object of interest and give his own reactions supported by various evidences. He has to give a detailed description of the object and all relevant historical facts associated with it and the message the topic conveys. Proper and logical evidences must be presented in support of the writer’s views to strengthen the writer’s opinions and give a credibility to the essay. Contradictory opinions and views in respect to those of the writer’s ones also have to be given and the differences explained to convince the reader of the writer’s choice.
3.Conclusion – The conclusion should be a concise summary of the topic stressing on the main ideas. The thesis statement needs to be reinstated. The concluding statement will have to be presented in such a way so as to create a strong impression in the reader’s mind.
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