Personal Essay Topics – Choose Something That Defines You Well

Personal Essay Topics- A Guide to Help you Through
Personal essay, as the very name suggests, is describing yourself and opening up, that is getting up, close and personal with the reader. This form of essay is very commonly used while writing for college admission essays as it allows the reader to get a personal view of you through your writing and form an opinion of the unknown and unseen you. This is a good opportunity where one can present oneself in the best light if written thoughtfully,honestly and with care. It can become a platform where you can voice your opinions , air your views and share your innermost thoughts without any reservations. What remains now, is to choose the perfect personal essay topic, that will catch the imagination of the reader and will attract him towards the written article, as a fly is attracted towards a honey pot. Writing a personal essay is far easier than many other forms of essay writing like research paper writing, writing for a research proposal format etc. knowing how to write an essay outline is also important, as an outline keeps the essay on track and also improves the quality of the essay.
This type of essay can be varied, interesting and extremely eye catching if written well and the proper essay format is followed. While writing for college essays this can be the best way to present yourself to the selection committee. You can write about yourself ,you can present your likes and dislikes, your opinions your personal experiences from everyday life. The introduction of the essay should be such that it raises the curiosity of the reader immediately and inspires him to read further. The rest of the essay should be conversational and easy flowing so that the person who is reading it feels that you are talking to him. The reader who cannot visually see you should be able to to picture you through your writing, such should be impact. Personal opinions and feelings should be so presented that the reader also feels the same.
Given below are some personal essay topics to choose from:
1.If you were made the emperor of this world for one day, what would you do?
2.How would you like spend a day when you are free to do anything you like.
3.An incident which has made you a different person.
4.Describe one person in your family who has influenced you the most and give reasons as to why you look up to this person.
5.Describe one incident from your childhood which you regret doing and would like to make amends now.
6.Describe one person whom you think has hurt you so much that you can never forgive that person and narrate that incident.
7.Failures that have slowed you down, even if for a few moments.
8.One change you would like to make in this world that would benefit many.
9.If given a chance, would you like to move back to childhood or move towards the future, from the present day state.
10.One thing you would like to do or one place you would like to visit, before you die.
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