Basic Ideas of How to Compare and Contrast in a Compare and Contrast Essay

There are many methods to compare and contrast; choose any one you like
A compare and contrast essay is the sort of essay where one has to first consider two subjects and compare and contrast them successfully. You have to effectively show the reader the similarities by comparing them and also the difference between the objects by contrasting them against each other. It is like any kind of comparative essay. Usually you are asked to write either a comparative essay or an essay that contrast the two subjects. But this essay is the combination of the two and hence more interesting to write.
The first thing you have to decide while writing a compare and contrast essay is the topic of the essay. It is important to bear in mind that you actually need two topics that relate to each other on at least one level. Choose the topics carefully and then collect the necessary information on it. This type of essay does not follow the usual components of research paper or essay as it involves two topics but is still almost the same structure with a few differences. There are two different types of ways this essay con be written. They are block arrangement and point-by-point.
Both the block arrangement and the point-by-point method in a compare and contrast essay start with the introduction. The introduction should be brief and precise, introducing the thesis statement and should include the major points that are going to be discussed in detail in the body of the essay. It should have an illustration and anecdote to make the paper more interesting. In the block arrangement method, you should first compare the two topics in different perspectives and bring out the similarities in the end. Then you can contrast the two paragraphs in separate paragraphs and show the differences separately. That is to say you should first take up topic one and tell all the points and then take up topic two and show the points that are similar to and different from that of topic one and in one paragraph again briefly explain.
In the point-by-point method, you should first compare both the topics in the same first few paragraphs and first show the similarities and then in the next set of paragraphs contrast the two topics and bring out the differences between them. This is a more effective and clearer method and will be well appreciated. The other important thing to note while writing this essay is that you should follow the proper formatting style. Find out from your instructor as to what formatting style you should use like APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago style format and use accordingly.
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