Classify and Categorize With Classification Essay Topics

Analyze and scrutinize all the points possible in your classification essay
It is not necessarily true that choosing classification essay topics is difficult. On the contrary, it is quite easier than choosing topics for other types of essays. The first step towards writing any kind of essay is to choose ideal topic which comprises of everything that essay might require. An essay is incomplete and lacks spirit if the topic does not suit or command the spirit of that essay. But before choosing the topic you should know what a classification essay is. This essay is purely based on categorization. If takes a topic and classifies and categorizes the subjects of that topic into various divisions and sub-divisions.
If you consider the number of classification essay topics you could write on, you will find that you could use even a silly topic to bring out a wonderful classification essay that will definitely get your instructor’s notice and of course an A+. There are a few topics that would look like personal essay topics and some more that would look like a persuasive essay or argumentative essay. For your benefit I have included a few topics that you could use or improvise on if you seem like you simply can’t think of a perfect topic.
* Classify all the different kinds you see on your way to school/college or in the parking lot.
* Classify the eating habits of the members of your family or your friends.
* Classify the hobbies of your friends.
* Classify the mannerisms of your teachers.
* Classify the different types of essays.
* Classify the kinds of books found in the library.
* Classify the different types to animals found in the nearby zoo.
* Classify all the different and funky hairstyles you have ever seen.
* Classify the different types of flora and fauna.
* Classify the different bones in your body.
The list of classification essay topics could just flow on and on and fill up pages. You could even write an essay trying to classify the different topics for a classification essay. Once you have decided the topic, get various ideas and talk to different people to look at the topic in a different perspective. Do the basic research and note down everything you need and start your essay. Write a great introduction that describes your topic briefly and also how you are going to categorize the subject concerned into various divisions. Then describe each category with examples and illustrations in the body of your essay. Learn the different types of formatting and use the right one. Finally bring out a good conclusion that completes your perfect essay. Also remember to avoid mistakes and also cite all the references with the correct source with out fail.
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