Opinion Essay – Voice Your Opinion

Argue and prove your points
If you are the kind of person who has a lot of opinions and love to express them freely, then opinion essay is the easiest and the best assignment for you. This is a kind of essay where you have to express your opinions and views on a particular subject or problem stating all the proper reasons with valid examples. You can either support the topic or oppose it depending on your views and your paper will be graded according to the strength of your arguments. Like any essay, you should know the components of research paper or essay and usually it will be a five paragraph essay with a bold introduction followed by all your opinions.
The first step you should take while writing an opinion essay is that you should settle on the topic you are going to write about. It will be wise to choose a topic you have strong opinions or feelings about. You could also argue your opinions or oppose to the topic depending on your choice. You could also take an argumentative research paper as an example, if you choose to argue it out. The most important parts of the essay are the topic and the introduction. You should state the topic and your opinions briefly for the benefit of the reader and also to make the reader go on till the end of your essay.
All your opinions should be stated clearly in a series of paragraphs and always remember that there should be a mild and smooth transition between your paragraphs and make the essay interesting so that the reader will wish for more when your opinion essay is over. Start your introduction with a general statement or with a funny story and then go into the main plot and capture your readers. Mesmerize them with the topic. Make it something personal so that others can relate to it in an intimate level and thus love your essay. But you should be careful that your opinions don’t hurt others.
Give as many illustrations and examples as you can. Make it interesting and use certain phrases like “It is my firm belief that…”, “As far as I’m concerned…”, and “I’m convinced that…” Such phrases will enhance the spirit of your essay but don’t over use it lest you spoil the mood or the reader and irritate your instructor. Learning the different types of formatting styles will help you a great deal because you will be asked to write using any one of those formats. Usually most instructors prefer MLA format paper and it is better to stick to the instructions of your professor.
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