Controversial Research Topics

Controversial Research Topics – Choose the Correct One and do a Thorough Research Work on it
Controversial Research Topics. The name itself suggests what to look for. There are however many controversial topics to write on and it is easy to lose oneself in the maze. The best way to start is to do some hunting around. Newspapers, articles, journals, online libraries, search engines etc make the best hunting ground. A list of controversial topics is to be fished out, of which the one that the writer finds closest to his heart is to be finalized. The background of the issue is to be thoroughly researched and all sorts of data, facts and figures are to be noted down to used in the research paper. The best would be to choose some relevant, current controversial topic and work on it. All past and current data are to be dug out and presented in the writing. The writing will necessarily contain the writer’ views and thoughts. Only the “expert” opinions will not do. All arguments and opinions that the writer wishes to present in the paper are to be backed up by solid evidences. He may present his research paper in the form of a critical essay, an argumentative essay or may be even a persuasive essay. Whatever type the essay may be, the format should be correct without any spelling and grammatical errors. The most important aspect would be how well-researched the paper is and how well the writer understood the topic. While writing one has to keep an unbiased, open mind and be rational about the issue and not get carried away emotionally.
Here are some controversial research topics to start with:
1. Incest is being legalized in some countries, is this correct – morally, ethically and socially?
2. An eye for an eye , as we have recently seen in the acid attack justice case in the Middle East– does this concept work in some cases?
3. Spare the rod and spoil the child – does this theory hold valid in today’s world where the count of teenager murderers are on the rise?
4. Capital punishment for all proven rapists, pedophiles, and murderers should be made the order of the day.
5. Human rights activists are fighting to free all murderers, terrorists and antisocial elements. They are never around when a terrorist murders scores of innocent people, they come rushing around when the army/police guns down a militant. Should we do away with this right in certain scenarios?
6. An artist is responsible for his art not only to himself but also to the society, as it is this society that sustains him.
7. In a democratic country, the people should have the maximum power. If an elected representative is found to be not up to the mark, the people should have he power to recall him, throw him out before his term ends and elect someone else.
8. Will bringing in Gun Control laws help in any manner? Will they really help to decrease the number of murders committed or just be a hindrance to people who really need guns in self defense?
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