The Right Method To Write A Comparative Essay

Let your imagination run wild through comparison and may be you’d understand what it is all about
The basic objective of a comparative essay is to compare two things and bring out the differences between them. You can compare anything ranging from two objects or people or places or even the views of different people. However, like all essays there are a few norms that have to be followed even while writing such essays. It is usually a five paragraph essay format that is followed by almost all essay writers. The most important thing is for the reader to understand your point and agree with you because that is the point in writing such an essay.
You need more than one or two things if you have a comparative essay to finish at hand. It would be advisable if you don’t overkill your essay with too many comparisons because you might lose the concentration of your reader and your essay becomes a huge failure. You should be clear about the things you are going to compare before you begin the essay. Once you have that set then the next move is to give a perfect introduction of your topics and first bring out the similarities of whatever you are going to compare. The introduction should show the reader the similarities as well as the differences in your subjects.
There are a few things you should take special care of while writing a comparative essay. Ensure that you have not repeated any points. Balance your attack always. A common mistake that many forget to correct while comparing in an essay is that you don’t balance your views in comparing. Balance your views on both sides equally. Use plain language that is easy to understand and focus directly and properly on the topic. It is a good idea to use examples and illustrate your views with diverse methods.
Emphasize your views carefully to give more effect to your essay. A little humor and wit will go a long way in your attempt to keep the interest of your reader on your paper that is bound to be wonderful. Don’t exaggerate your views. Stress on your points but overdoing it is not going to help you. Avoid vagueness in your essay. Keep to the main points and stick to the usual rules while writing the essay. Make sure that there is a smooth transition between the paragraphs and never begin a new paragraph with points you introduced into the foray in the previous paragraph.
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