A Compare And Contrast Essay – To Compare Or to Contrast, That Is The Question

Compare And Contrast Essay- How To Write It
A compare and contrast essay is written to discuss either the similarities or the differences or both, between two chosen topics. The two topics chosen should have some sort of a relation between them. Like the topics chosen can be a comparison between two modes of transport, or maybe two actors, two literary works dealing with the same subject or maybe even comparison between two authors would do well, but it wouldn’t be advisable to compare between, say, Tom Cruise and the aeroplane.
Before starting to write the essay it is necessary to have all the detailed information about the two selected topics. Then all the possible similarities and differences are to be chalked out and jotted down. For eg. If we write a compare and contrast essay on two modes of transport say the ship and the plane then the listings would look like this:
a ship moves slower when compared to aeroplane
it is travelling by sea while aeroplane is by air
a ship allows much space for its passengers to roam around while aeroplane does not offer much space to roam about freely.
more luggage can be taken while travelling on a ship than by air.
First a thesis statement will have to prepared on the topic based on the similarities and differences and figuring out an interesting point that links the two. Like in case of the ship and plane the thesis statement may run like this “ travel by both the modes can be pleasurable and will take a person from his starting point to his destination , however there are various differences too which will make them stand miles apart”.
A compare and contrast essay like any other essay will have an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. It will also follow the standard procedure for essay formats. What will make the difference is the content matter and writing of the main body. The introduction will give an idea of the topic and mention the two chosen issues. The thesis statement should be given in the introduction itself.
The main body of the essay can be written in two different ways
First method – if the similarities and differences between the two objects are quite big each but less in number then this method can be followed. The first and the second para will contain similarities between the two objects and the third and fourth para will contain the differences between the two of them. The similarities and differences maybe listed together in each para also. In this case one similarity and one difference will be discussed in the first para, the second similarity and difference will be discussed in the second para and so on and so forth. Here the less important point should come first followed by the more important one. eg. Both ship and plane are modes of transport(less important) but the plane is a faster way of traveling (main point).
Para 1 and 2 – similarities between topic A and topic B
para 3 and 4 – differences between topic A and topic B
para 1 – will give the first point of similarity and difference between A and B
para 2 – second point of similarity and difference between A and B and so on and so forth
Second method – this would work well for topics that have many small similarities and differences between them. The first part of the body will speak of the ship(first issue) and the second part will speak of the plane(second issue). Here the comparison and contrast will be given in the second half of the main body.
Para one to three will discuss topic A
Para four to six will discuss topic B
The conclusion of the compare and contrast essay should give a summary of the whole discussed topic without restating any points. It should be written in such a manner that it creates a lasting impression on the reader’s mind.
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