Analytical Essay – A Complete In Depth Analysis And Investigation Of An Object Of Interest

A Guide To Writing An Analytical Essay So As To Make The Job Of Essay Writing Easier
From the various essay types available the analytical essay is of a slightly different kind. This is more of an investigative type of essay where an object of interest is examined, understood and explained in a detailed manner. Both views in support and against of the writer’s opinions are presented and a sort of debate is made where the writer defends his own views.
To write this research paper the object of interest must be determined on which to build up the topic. It may be anything, ranging from a piece of art, to a literary work to a happening like a special event or maybe even a controversial idea. Once the object is chosen, next it has to be examined very closely part by part, its relevant history, the message it conveys, everything has to be taken into account and given a close look and discussed in length.
An analytical essay format generally consists of three different parts – the introduction, the main body and the conclusion.
1. An introduction – This consists of an abstract (important points on the object of interest), claim or thesis statement (answer to the given points and the writer’s views) and a brief discussion. Here the writer introduces his readers to the object of interest and gives important information and a brief discussion as to how the topic will be developed and examined in details later in the main body.
2. The main body – The main body will have an in depth analysis and will examine the topic more closely. The writer will have to write his own opinions and thoughts on the object of interest and give his own reactions supported by various evidences. He has to give a detailed description of the object and all relevant historical facts associated with it and the message the topic conveys. Correct references and proper citations in support of the writer’s views must be presented to strengthen the writer’s opinions and give a credibility to the essay. Contradictory Opinions and views in respect to those of the writer’s ones also have to be given and the differences explained to convince the reader of the writer’s choice.
3. Conclusion – The conclusion should be a concise summary of the topic stressing on the main ideas. It should be written in such a way that it starts the thinking process in the reader’s mind. A brief and simple conclusion is the most effective way of taking the writer’s message across to the reader and reaching out to his or her thoughts.
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