Personal “Anti-Anonymous” Essay Topics And More

Peek-a-boo, I see you! Personal doesn’t mean private!
This challenging, mind-boggling essay variety demands personal disclosure unlike an interview, you’re free to select the nature of the information you want to divulge. Face up to the writing task at hand, although you’re probably wondering what is appropriate to write about…the answer is: anything and everything you are comfortable sharing. Suitable personal essay topics depend entirely on the directives given to you by your teacher, but if I may interject, I have a few suggestions for you:
• * Color
• * Food
• * Animal
• * Pet
• * Toys
• * Books
• * Movies
• * Sports etc…
You can be as explicit with the details as you feel necessary, but hold your target audiences attention. Three things will be expected of you:
• One – you will have to share something of meaning.
• Two – you will have to have a reason for the chosen topic.
• Three – you will have to identify with the topic’s meaning.
Articulate yourself with your own style and performance, direct your audience through the when, where and why. This genre of essay within respect is a direct route to self-expression, you steer the car in the direction you want to go just make sure you have a destination. Through your words the audience will come to the point you intend to make known. Let the purpose brew in the pot, stir it a little and as your essay develops its personal meaning to you as an individual will be identified. Cleaver wording and the use of prose is great practice for this sort of writing venture.
Your essay should reflect you in every way possible whereas even if the reader is unaware of your presence in sections, they will retain more than anticipated. A personal essay topic is just that –personal. You can choose to write about:
• * A specific moment in time
• * A part of your life
• * A vivid memory or dream
• * A lost item, effect, friendship, relative etc…
• * A material or sentimental gain
• * A traumatic or great occasion
• * A time where you felt successful etc…
Quotes are accepted from any source, avoid accidental plagiarism. When using another voice in your essay, try to keep the speech short and sweet lest it might overpower your own voice. Use the quotation keys and ensure proper citation measures are followed, provide a citation and credit record to tag along with your essay. Quotes are primarily used to associate your feelings with anothers’, mainly to show that you are not alone in your experience or that someone else out there feels and thinks the same way you do.
Avoid topics that cause discomfort or are bound to make you cry; though you want to display emotion through your writing, if you have to deliver a speech you do not want the embarrassment of having to dismiss yourself from the room. Personal essay topics can include anything from your experiences, journeys, triumphs, losses, advances, discoveries and more. Don’t waist your time on shallow statements, buckle up and enjoy the ride.
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