Formalities Of A Comparative Essay

How does a monkey compare to me? I’d like to know.
Like the common cold, comparative essays can become catchy. The object of the game is to compare one thing to another. You may compare different views, different objects, different situations, different people, events, places etc… Clarity is important in this kind of writing, you must be able to get your point across. Answer the question in a fashion that helps your audience understand you. The construction site for this breed of essay is identical to the five paragraph essay, although most essays do follow this format.
If you need to compare two or more things then you’ve got yourself a comparative essay. Don’t overload your essay with things to compare –you’ll loose the readers’ interest and you’ll never cover enough ground to help them recognize the differences. Point out the commonalities of whatever it is you intend to compare. In order to comprehend its differences, we must first know its similarities. The style of the writing should come from an analytical prospective so research the items well and don’t assume you know the underlining answer from the limited knowledge you already have. Above all else, remember that the items you are speaking of have to interlink to your thesis and build the end result.
Whatever you do, don’t make your essay a point form list of differences or similarities. Let the writing flow out informatively, in sentence form and with a pinch of character and creativity. Sway your reader by using the advantage/disadvantage approach. When comparing an object to another that people would generally view as the same or very similar product, clearly point out if one product is more effective or if it has superior strengths than the other so the reader makes the connection that the objects do in fact have significant differences. Give diverse view points with at least three differences or similarities. Discuss the similarities from exhibits X and Z followed by a discussion about their differences.
Compare and contrast manages to be able to point out similarities and differences. It’s yet another learning assist for individuals. Your first paragraph should make a distinction, don’t play around –get it out there. It’s alright if you explore two items in the same paragraph, just don’t overcrowd or stunt the flow of the writing. Organize your second and third paragraph in the same sequence for comparative purposes. Make simple deductions and contrasts; keep your eye on the ball. Your fourth paragraph should be used to wrap it up and your fifth is the prize. Conclude your comparative essay with a tie in of all your major points, a logical choice and the answer to the question should reflect how different these things really are. Your opinion is welcome and there’s no need to take your shoes off at the door; readers want to know what you really think, so tell them.
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