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An opinion essay is your chance to express yourself!
You are entitled to have your own opinion about anything and everything. One of the best ways to express your beliefs, thoughts and causes is the opportunity to write an opinion essay. This kind of essay writing allows you to speak frankly without having to worry about the “right” or “wrong” answer, different from a critical essay – it’s all about perception. Teachers are observing your writing to see how you think and what you know. No one will argue with logical points of thought. I only suggest that you make one clear distinction at a time using strong statements. The bottom line is that the opinion belongs to you. It’s not the same as advice and you allow the reader to adopt it if they choose so.
Choosing a topic:
A well-written opinion essay contains a strong topic that appeals, inspires or compels the majority or “target” audience. Speaking on issues that relatively affect everyone will interest the reader(s) or listener(s) you are addressing. Topics such as World Wars, world hunger, food shortage, fresh water shortage, hunting and poaching, animals nearing extinction, global warming, recycling, the rain forest and the ozone layer are all topics of universal interest. These topics are intricate involving many defining variables. The success of your essay depends on clearly stating the thesis for which your opinion pertains.
The underlining factors in this genre of essay are to present a well-researched topic, not to come across as uncertain when stating your opinion(s) and knowing all aspects involved with the topic. You will loose the faith of your readers if they suspect the opinion was obtained via an ignorant researcher. Steer clear of topics that engage too much controversy such as religion or politics unless the topic is specifically assigned. Most everyone has their own opinion about subjects of this nature – they cause mass arguments unless you are speaking to those who have the same belief system as you.
To promote individual thought and have your reader’s attention, insert a reasonable question shortly before you make your point. Example question: “…officials would have you deem that the criminal prosecution of juvenile offenders is solving the problem by sentencing juveniles as adults in individual cases, but would you believe that imprisoning these young people for extended periods creates a certain comfort behind bars?”
Directly following the question include fact(s) to support your closing statement. Example fact: “…the fact of the matter is prisons are overloaded and because of this, most sentenced with lesser charges are being released too early without the benefit of corrections…”
Produce your closing statement for your opinion essay; do not start your statement sentence “I think,” or “I believe” or “In my opinion…” The statement needs to come off strong and true in its beginning. Example statement: “Juvenile offenders are often repeat offender,” (now you insert) “I think” or “I believe” or “in my opinion…depending on the charges, juveniles should be given the choice to join military facilities where they can benefit by paying a debt to their Country, it would also solve the crowding problem prisons are faced with…”
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