Pony-Up In A Narrative Essay

This is your ticket A.K.A a reference and topic guide ‘all about you.’
The species of essay we’re going to learn about today is identified as narrative. A narrative essay is composed almost entirely from the author’s perspective. Stay with me if the words “college” or “university” appeal to you for the present or in the near future. Come On! You learned your abc’s and how to write your name how difficult could this really be? Go grab yourself a fresh piece of paper and write at the very top “narrative essay” now think a bit about yourself (your qualities and short-comings alike) and start a very point form list that describes the features you possess that make you –you. Remember, those desk jockeys sitting over in admissions want to learn about you and get a taste of your paper personality, so paint them a bright, colorful picture and stand out from the other hundreds of essays submitted.
Stand out!
Who are you? Pony up! Choice of words is an important fixation so use bold, strong characters to define yourself. Are you optimistic, pessimistic, egotistical, neurotic, anal, endearing, patriotic, conservative or liberal? You might have interesting quarks such as list making, excessive planning or you’ve hosted campaigns under dramatic protests… If you want to be the king of the castle, you have to stand out and write one phenomenal essay. I know you might not be comfortable airing out your dirty laundry in front of a bunch of strangers -that’s why I’m not telling you to unlock that secret drawer, pull out your blackmail material or invent situations to make events of your life sound more entertaining. What I am saying to you is change up those dull words without ambition and toss in some character.
These institutions are looking for articulation, expression of speech, vocabulary and a logical stream of words that appear to have flowed harmonious to mind/hand coordination. Follow the basic story outline: include a conspired scheme, information about your background, a climax and a conclusion. Your first paragraph should detail a bold statement about yourself that is later confirmed in the last paragraph. A narrative essay, like most other brands of essays, this one needs to take place in the five paragraph essay format. Relax and write it out over and over again if need be since this is after all one of the most important essays you are going to write.
Don’t be afraid to splash your emotions, your point of view or your thought process all over the page -that’s what the reader is searching for. Contribute whatever tid-bits you are comfortable with sharing and demonstrate your unique writing style. Construct your sentences as an invitation for the reader to understand and relate to you. Remember, this entrance essay is the window to your future so distribute it to your former teachers and let them have a read before sending it off with your application.
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