Poems Essay

How to Write a Poems Essay.
Essays on poems can be written as an argumentation essay, persuasion essay and many other types of essays. If you want to write an effective Poems Essay, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of what this kind of writing is all about. When you are assigned poetry essays by your teacher, you can write an essay on any essay length about the various different elements of a poem. Take a look at some of these elements:
Theme: A good place to begin writing an essay on poetry is with the theme of the poem. Make a note of the most significant themes that you have noticed in the poem. Identify the type of theme that occurs in the poem; is it a love theme, death theme, war theme or peace theme? Are there any events mentioned in the poem that relate to these themes? Poems Essays should contain the most important concepts that are addresses in the poem.
Genre: Think about the kind of poem that you are writing about. Identify whether the poem is an epic, sonnet, ode, satire, elegy or a lyric. An epic is a long poem based on a heroic subject. A sonnet is a short poem that normally contains fourteen lines. Also identify if the poem fits into a certain era. Is it part of Modernism or does it fit more into Neoclassicism? Is it Romanticism or does it belong to the Renaissance era? Carry out proper research and get the right answers.
Versification: This element looks at the rhyme and meter of the poem you are writing about. Poems Essays should discuss the rhyme scheme that you have identified within the poem. Study the poem and see if there are a fixed number of syllables for every line. In English poetry, the most common meter is the iambic pentameter. This meter has five feet containing two syllables each. In every one of these the strongly stressed syllable comes after the syllable which is not stressed. Also look at techniques like caesura and enjambment. A caesura is a pause in the centre of a line and enjambment is the continuation of a grammar sentence or clause from one line to another.
Figures of speech: Identify the figures of speech used in the poem and discuss them in your essay. Some commonly used figures of speech are metaphor, simile, metonymy, synecdoche, personification, litotes and irony. A metaphor is a comparison between two things that are not similar. A simile is a comparison between two things that are not similar using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’. A metonymy is a certain thing that stands for another thing that is related closely to it while a synecdoche is a part that is used to represent a whole. Personification is something that is not human but contains the characteristics of humans. Litotes is a double negative used for a poetic impression. Irony is the difference between words and their implication.
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