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Steps to Write Position Essays
A Position Essay is also known as an argumentative essay. Like the name of this essay suggests, when writing this type of essay you have to take a position on a question or issue and convince your readers that your take on it is the correct one. This is not the same as an opinion essay. A well written argumentation essay must show case both sides of an argument and present a logical point of view that is supported by valid evidence.
Essays of this type can be of any essay length; they can be as short as a couple of pages or as long as a full fledged book or dissertation. Learning how to write this type of essay is an important skill in the world of business, policy and other areas. If you are unsure as to how to write this type of essay, you could always buy an essay.
When writing such an essay, you need to introduce your readers to the topic and background of your Position Essay and explain their importance. Describe in brief the opposing arguments that you will gradually bring into your essay. You must then state your premises and thesis. This is usually written in the form a thesis statement. If you are writing a short essay, you need to state all these factors within the first two paragraphs of your essay. If you are writing a long version of this essay, then your introduction can be several pages long.
The main body of your essay must be based on your thesis and its main supporting points. When it comes to organizing the main body of Position Essays, there is no single correct method of doing so. Every subject has its own prescribed convention. For instance, the subjects of law, science and business each have their own prescribed formatting rules. Regardless of the format type used, you must ensure that you include a section for every important point that validates your thesis along with supporting evidence. It is also important that you provide opposing arguments and explain how they stand against your position.
The arguments made by you must be supported by research information like documents, statistics and examples that illustrate the points made by you. Citations must always be included in the correct format for all evidence presented by you.
Ensure that logic is the backbone of your essay. Good Position Essays depend on logical arguments. Try not to make traditional, emotional or authoritative appeals. Use the first person point of view as little as possible and write your essay in a professional and logical manner. Your essay should end with a restatement of your thesis statement and premises. In your concluding paragraph, bring out the main evidence by highlighting it and explain briefly how it refutes opposing arguments. Conclude your essay by providing your readers with suggestions on changes in policy or other ways to solve the issue. Make sure your suggestions are written concisely. You could always look at an essay writing service for more help or guidance.
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