What Should Your Night Essay Include.

Night, by Elie Wiesel is a biographical, emotionally charged book that is based on fifteen year old Elie Wiesel’s experience of the Holocaust. If you need to write a 1000 word essay or even a 250 word essay, this book is an excellent choice. The book takes you to Sighet, in Hungarian Transylvania, Elie’s hometown. Here we are introduced to Elie who is learning about his Jewish culture by studying the Torah and the Caballa. Night Essays should explain how Elie’s studies are interrupted when his teacher, Moshe the Beadle is deported. When Moshe returns a few months later he tells everyone a horrifying, deeply disturbing story of how the Gestapo took over his train, marched everyone into the woods and murdered them. However, nobody believes Moshe; he is called a lunatic and his story dismissed. Shortly after this, the Gestapo come for Elie and his neighbours. Elie and his family are forced onto cattle cars and taken to Birkenau concentration camp, where Elie and his father are separated from his mother and sisters.
Here starts the story of Elie’s experience of the concentration camp. The prisoners of the camp are subjected to daily physical and mental abuse and are made to survive on a 500 calorie diet. After being put through this kind of torture, those who survived were marched to Auschwitz, the main extermination camp. When you write a biography essay on a book like Night, you need to recognize certain themes. These themes should be discussed in Night Essays. One of the main themes is Elie’s struggle to keep his faith in God. Elie talks about how he could not deal with God’s silence. He describes how when a young boy is hung by the Gestapo, a man asks, “Where is God?” The only answer is silence.
Elie talks about how at the start of the camp, the Jewish prisoners looked after each other and tried to calm each other’s fears. However, after being beaten endlessly, worked like dogs, giving up their gold teeth and watching so many others being hung, the prisoners lost their faith as well as their compassion. They no longer cared about helping each other; their focus was only on self survival. This is another of the novel’s themes: inhumanity towards other humans. When you write your Night Essay, you should discuss Elie’s personal battle – his fight to survive and keep his faith in God and his struggle to not abandon his father. Discuss how Elie talks about the cruelty that humans are capable of and his self discovery that he too is capable of cruelty. Here you can also discuss the bond between father and son, which is another theme of the book.
As you read further, Elie describes how the Russians start advancing towards them and how all the prisoners were forced to run 50 miles to Gleiwitz, another concentration camp. Elie has to survive this torturous run with a broken foot. Your Night Essay should end with how only a few days later, the Auschwitz camp is liberated by the Russians. Hardly a hundred prisoners have survived in Gleiwitz; they are herded onto a cattle car and are taken to camp Buchenwald. Only twelve prisoners survive the trip, two of which are Elie and his father. Sadly, Elie’s father dies a few days later. Elie however, manages to survive until Buchenwald is liberated by America.
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