How to Write a Night Essay

How to Write Engaging Night Essays
The book Night is an autobiographical one and is written by Eliezer Weasel. It is often chosen as a topic for college essays and many students can find it quite a daunting task to go about writing a perfect essay on this great narrative on the holocaust. You can begin by writing a simpler 250 word essay before trying your hand at a full-fledged 1000 word essay.
The first-hand account of a Jewish boy caught up in the blitzkrieg is one of the greatest stories depicting horrifying war crimes. Once you have been assigned the task of writing an essay on this book, it is important to decide what viewpoint or perception you are going to adopt. There are numerous ways in which you can write a compelling essay on this story while giving it your own engaging twist. You can take a few ideas on how to write a biography essay by reading up on varied materials online on the subject.
Existence of God: A night essay can be written by incorporating and showcasing varying themes. One of the underlying themes of the story is the faith that Eliezer shows in the existence of God as a boy. This faith is shaken multiple times with the occurrence of different instances in the story but is not completely abandoned. Eliezer does however doubt the righteousness and fairness of God. If you are attempting a night essay, you can pick up on this forceful theme.
Denial: Another way that night essays can be written is by giving your personal viewpoint on the note of optimism and denial that is inherent in the hearts of the Jewish people. Even with the crimes being committed against the Jews on a daily basis, they fail to take requisite measures to secure themselves and their family against the growing ire of the Nazis and the Hitler regime. Their belief in God is ultimate and infinite and they believe that they will be saved from harm solely on the power of their faith.
There is a sense of complacency that can be observed among the Jews at this point as even when they hear of incidents involving the wrongs being committed against their fellow beings, they fail to take any significant steps to escape. They have a sense of optimism that borders on the point of idiocy.
After effects of the holocaust: Night essays can also be done by incorporating another perspective. You can pick up on the observation made by the author at the end of the story about the actual behavior and instincts that we are all guided by that make us human. Towards the close of the story when the holocaust finally comes to an end, most people would think that there would be a feeling of revenge and hostility in the hearts of the Jews and they would want to get even with their perpetrators. However, this seems to be far from the truth as the author remarks with crude honesty that people who were finally free only wanted food and sex.
Although numerous essays have been tried on this popular and important book, you can still come up with a fascinating and appealing essay if you do it in your individual style and try to develop your own thoughts on the topic dealt with in this book. Your thoughts and ideas should be organized in a coherent and comprehensive manner before you begin to write and you are sure to come up with a brilliant german essay based on the dreadful happenings in the country.
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