How to Write a Narrative Essay

Often these days, we hear someone say “It isn’t all about you!” Well here’s one time when it is. A narrative essay is written by you, in the first person, and therefore it is all about you! If you want to know how to write a narrative essay, you have to start with what you think about the subject you’ve chosen. The entire essay should be your thoughts about something, so it helps to select a subject that you’re familiar with or have strong feelings about. Usually a person can create this type of a paper without having to research essay topics because they have in mind an interesting concept that they wish to express.
A good example might be where you live (or a special place). The essay could be about a long walk in the woods or along the beach. What do you think as you look at the scenery? Is it beautiful or depressing? Does it conjure up memories of happy times from childhood? Or perhaps it opens up possibilities and enables you to daydream…? Whatever emotions or observations you have can fill the essay with your personal touch and interest readers, as well.
While you’re considering how to write a narrative essay, look around at the people you know. Your friends and family make good subjects to write about. With some of them you may want to use different names (to protect either them or yourself). Do you have a friend who keeps you laughing? Or do you know someone who has had terrible problems and overcome them? People can be fascinating and worthy of an essay.
Is your job interesting? Or the career you plan to have? An essay about work can focus your own feelings and solidify your goals for the future. You can explain, in essay form, what you like about the work or how it will benefit you (and maybe others). In some fields, there are people who stand out and achieve greatness. Was it someone like that who inspired you? Do you believe you can do as well? Or better?
A narrative essay can include religion or politics, although both subjects can be considered taboo in certain company. Are you serious about your faith? If so, I shouldn’t have to explain to you how to write a narrative essay on the subject. You can undoubtedly think of plenty to say! It’s the same for politics, with a slight difference. In essay form, the opinions are entirely your own, but with religion only your personal belief is required. With a political narrative, it helps to be able to reinforce your beliefs and opinions with at least a few subjective facts. For example, a liberal might devote some time to the positive aspects of liberalism, such as women voting. With a conservative, the Constitution is pretty solid ground. Mixing  a persuasion essay with a narrative view point can be quite interesting.
In short, learning how to write a narrative essay isn’t difficult. It’s as easy as having an opinion or knowing someone or having dreams. There are plenty of possibilities and ideas to choose from. And you can find every one of them either in the world around you, or in your own mind. No matter the essay length requirement, this type of an essay allows for ample material to form a quality paper.
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