Creating an Interesting Discussion Essay

Writing a discussion essay can be easy if you pick the right topic. If the matter is something that interests you or something that you feel passionate about in some way then you’ll find the words for the essay will flow nicely. If you have the opportunity, you should pick a subject that ignites a strong position when you research essay topics. If you don’t, you’ll likely find that the words will come slowly and it may become hard to write or stay focused. Enthusiasm is key here.
One of the most common areas to find a passionate idea is through politics. Believe it or not, politics are the most common arena for sparking a solid debate and igniting a strong support or oppose mentality. Everyone believes strongly in something, you just have to find it. Laws are another great place to look. There are a lot of stupid laws and some really great ones. The key is to find something controversial.
It is much like writing analytical essays. You’ll need to thoroughly explain the overall thought of your discussion essay no matter what the point is. The paper needs to have the argumentation essay qualities. Really bring out all of your points and why it is that you feel or think the way that you do. This allows the writer to truly show the reader what they are made of. The skills that are present such as the ability to debate, showing no fear in the face of opposition and dissecting the very nature of the controversial topic will portray the writer in a positive light.
So, now that you know how to pick the right topic, let’s go into how to create the essay and organize it properly.
• Building the title is important to the essay. It should ask the question or encompass the ideas that will be discussed. Don’t make it too vague. The goal is to capture the reader’s attention with a compelling title.
• The introduction to the discussion essay should creatively list the areas that are under discussion. This should be very explanatory. Don’t make the reader guess what you are trying to say. Any specific question asked or aspect of the topic that will be brought up should have a place in the introduction.
• The main body includes the arguments on both side of the debate. The writer doesn’t need to only portray their point of view. Both side should have valid and equal complaints and supporting evidence. This is not supposed to be an “I’m right, you’re wrong,” essay. It is to validate the differences between sides, that’s it.
• The conclusions should be uniformed and can include the statistical facts for both sides and clearly state what has been learned about the topic.
As anyone can see, a discussion essay is nothing to be afraid of. It can, in fact, be fun and very educational. By taking a topic that you feel very one-sided about, you may be able to see both points by the end of writing the essay. Portraying both sides of a debate effectively and accurately is a great skill and is usually recognized and applauded by professors.
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