Simple Cause and Effect Essay Topics

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Those famous words have been spoken often concerning everything from education to science to psychology, as well as many other aspects of life. Cause and Effect, in a nutshell. The introduction to an essay should state clearly your main focus. The possibilities for cause and effect essay topics are numerous. Let’s examine just a few.
Medicine: Everyone has seen commercials on TV for the latest “wonder drug”, right? If you choose a drug to cure insomnia, the “cure” is “caused” by certain ingredients. Perhaps you’ll have a good and safe night’s sleep. But the “effect” of the drugs might not be what you expect. The drug might make you drowsy the following day or bring on mood changes. A “cure” for rheumatoid arthritis might be the “cause” while its “effect” is a diminished immune system. With almost all pharmaceuticals, the cause and effect can be dangerous.
Finances: Raising minimum wage sounds like a great idea, right? A sure cure for poverty… The “cause” of raising the minimum wage can have the opposite “effect” and increase the number of poor people. Small businesses that can’t afford to pay higher wages must either lay off some employees or close their doors. Prices go up to pay the extra expenses of raising wages for unskilled workers and fewer people can afford to use the service or purchase the goods. This part of “cause and effect” is known as “unintended consequences”.
Environmentalism: This is one of the most controversial cause and effect essay topics on a variety of different levels. People have been forced to allow undergrowth on their property to “protect the environment and keep it pristine”. That cause is too often followed by the effect of devastating fires that burn everything in their path. Taking DDT off the market is a terrible example of “cause and effect.” Because she believed that DDT might harm birds, Rachel Carson wrote a book about it. As a result, the mosquito killing chemical was banned. The effect of the banning was millions of deaths of humans from mosquito-borne diseases like malaria.
Education: There was a time when failing students were allowed to progress and graduate without learning to read and write. Some were dyslectic and some were considered too valuable to their sport. It was easier for the teachers or beneficial to the school to pretend they were learning, “cause”. The “effect” was that the students were ill-equipped to deal with life after school and unable to have the sort of future that a real education would have provided.
Psychology: There is a belief that scolding, punishing or disciplining a child can cause problems with the future of that child. The effect of this well-intended notion is adults with no natural brakes on their behavior. “Cause” permissiveness. “Effect” unruly children and adults. Society suffers from another “unintended consequence”.
To write effectively on cause and effect essay topics, it’s best to select a number of examples and expand on them. Research essay topics that you have some background in for easier writing. Information is readily available on the internet, in law magazines, psychology text and the TV news.Analytical essays such as these can be rather fun to write and make your reader think about their position on controversial topics. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
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