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Sometimes, teachers require the students to write an essay about an important person. For this post, we will tackle writing a Rudd essay. If you do not have any ideas who Kevin Rudd is, here are some details about him. Kevin Rudd was a former prime minister of Australia. He served Australia from 2007 to 2010. Rudd was also a member of the Australian Labor Party. Now, what types of essays can we write about Kevin Rudd?
Actually, writing a Rudd essay is not very different from any other article types. You simply need to pick your intention for writing and then create your outline on what goal you wish to arrive at. In writing an essay, you need to make sure that the intention is to incorporate a topic of interest to the article and then approach the mission by doing research steps. For the process of Rudd essay writing, we will start with the goal and purpose.
You can have different goals and purposes in writing a Rudd essay. First, you can compose an opinion essay. You may write on whether you think Rudd performed well as a prime minister or not. A persuasive essay is also possible. Write an essay that will convince that Rudd has made more contributions to the parliament than any other prime ministers. Of course, you have to support this with evidences and proofs. Writing a descriptive essay is also a good idea. Describe how Rudd performed as the prime minister. Or, you may also discuss his background and tell the readers why he has that certain character and credentials.
On the other hand, you may also write a Rudd essay by simply targeting the character’s main attributes. One way to do this is to write small biographies of the person. For example, you may write on Kevin Rudd and his family relationships. You may write about his experience with politics and his grand entry to the world of public service. It is also possible tow rite about his ideals and takes on social issues like war in Afghanistan, the environment or education.
A Rudd essay also demands the same parts of any essay articles. You have to include an introduction with a good thesis statement. Write the body paragraphs that will support the thesis. Lastly, compose the conclusion that will involve the summary of the entire article. Do not forget to cite your resource materials as well as proofread your entire essay.
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