Persuasive essay questions

A persuasive essay question needs a lot of background study
Dealing with persuasive essay questions could be a challenge till you realize the way in which you have to approach them. Study them before you begin writing. Though this might sound like a very simple instruction, it is important to understand the question comprehensively, if you want to answer questions for a persuasive essay.
Take a look at some of these questions that are based on persuasive topics/ideas
1/- The death penalty – do you believe without doubt that this is the best deterrent to crime. Give reasons to support your answer with sufficient background statistics and details.
2/- Euthanasia – it is better to let somebody die rather than allow them to remain in a vegetative state indefinitely. Justify your support of this statement.
3/- The family structure in the USA has more or less completely disintegrated. Has this resulted in the breakdown of a certain value system in the last couple of decades?
4/- Being skeptical about anything new that you come across could be mistaken for being careful. What is your opinion on this?
5/- Contraception and the Catholic faith – discuss the relevance of the church’s stand on this thorny issue.
6/- Women Bishops in the Anglican Church – is this a move in the right direction. Discuss this with special reference to the situation in the UK.
If you were to pick any one persuasive essay question that is found above, you would have to do a lot of study on the relevant topic. Whether you choose to work on the death penalty, euthanasia or contraception, you cannot depend on a superficial knowledge of the subject.
The importance of studying the subject
Take for instance Question No. 6 mentioned above. This is on the state of the Anglican Church and how it has come to a kind of crossroads. Battle lines seem to be sharply drawn and the people in the middle seem to be caught in the crossfire. It requires a well-reasoned piece of writing in the right analytical essay format to describe the problem and confront issues in a proper and studied way. This might sound easier said than done. This is one of the persuasive essay questions that could create a furor if you are not careful.
Working on informative essay topics
Most persuasive essays deeply analyze a situation or phenomenon and hence are a variation of informative essays. The job that you need to do is to put forward the right kind of perspective on a topic or issue in as informative and persuasive a way as possible. Another technique to ensure that you get your message across would be to present the essay well as a separate document. Since most persuasive essays are long and well documented, using a separate folder with a good cover page, adds to the image of your essay. Check out our essay cover page example for more ideas.
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