I Believe Essay

The term pr phrase “I believe” is a very opinionated expression. Usually, we see such a term if someone writes about his ideas and take on a given subject. Therefore, if you want to write an I believe essay, you should continue reading this article. We will discuss how you can write an opinion essay that is the very platform where you can use the expression I believe.
An opinion essay is not very different from any other types of essays. In fact, it has the same steps in writing if you will compare it with argumentative, narrative or expository essays. So what is the first step? Initially, you need a topic of interest. This topic should be something that involves your choice of opinion. If you think, there is an important issue that you should discuss, then consider it as a topic for your essay. In general, a topic should be significant, feasible for research, interesting and you are familiar with it.
Next, construct an outline for your I believe essay. This is very simple. You can start with a certain list of ideas that you wish to discuss in the entire article. Start with the introduction then divide the body into discussion segments, afterward write the conclusion contents. An outline is not a permanent discussion plan. You can modify it anytime if you think there is a better way to tackle your topic.
Now, you should also look for materials that will support your opinion. Since you are entitled to use any thoughts and ideas in your article, the only way you can make your readers believe you is to provide them with proofs. Evidences and proofs are important to establish the validity of any opinions. Of course, it may also help if you can explain thoroughly the issues and why you have such a take on that particular topic.
So what are the important parts of an I believe essay? As what we have said before, this essay also has the same parts as with any other articles. The introduction will provide the topic of interest. It will also give the thesis statement. The body paragraphs will contain the main discussions of the topic. You may divide the discussions into smaller sub-topics if you wish. Lastly, the conclusion will summarize the entire discussion. It should also resolve the main thesis problem.
Lastly, it is important that you cite y our reference materials. You may use APA or MLA formats. Of course, do not forget to proofread your essay. It must be free from spelling and grammar errors. Include a cover page and a bibliography section if necessary.
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