Slavery Essay

Choosing a good topic for your essay means you have to consider several things. One of these things is importance. It is necessary that your essay topic is significant and relevant to the readers. Moreover, it should be interesting and unique so that readers will be motivated to scan your article. Lastly, you should have available resource materials to establish the info in the essay. That is why we will recommend that you write a slavery essay. This topic is important, has many writing resource and is interesting.
What is a slavery essay? Obviously, it is an article that will discuss anything that relate to slaves and slavery. We all know for a fact that slavery happened in the past during those times when civilizations are at their youngest years. However, our civilization and society today do not regard slavery as a good thing. Many aspects of this act are not acceptable anymore and different sectors condemn it. So what is there to write in a slavery essay?
You may start with a simple opinion essay. Write about your feelings and thoughts on slavery as they happened in the past. This is an ideal way to see whether you have a good or bad take on the concept. Of course, if you will become a slave, everything about it is in negative tone. However, if you can take advantage ion the labor output of a slave, then you are at the positive end of the equation. Even though we cannot see any slavery acts today, you can still discuss it in theoretical form.
Write an argument about the bad effects of slavery. For example, you may argue that because of the slavery of Africans in the past, the whole continent is now at the tail end of economic progress. Many African countries are still underdeveloped because of harvesting slave service from them in the past. Of course we will not really know whether this claim is true or not but you can argue for or against it in theoretical ways.
Lastly, you can build an essay that will inform readers about slavery. You can write an expository essay about this topic. For example, write on the history of slavery and why it was an acceptable thing before our modern civilization. Write about the slaves’ status during those times and what events lead to their freedom. Expose some more things about countries that experienced slavery and how they rose against it through revolutions and social reforms.

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