John Locke Essay

Writing about a certain person in your essay can utilize different discussion scopes. In the case of writing a John Locke essay, your main goal is to present John Locke as the main topic of interest. It does not mean you can only write on him as a person, you can also discuss something about his influence to the society and his work. Let us first define the different steps in essay writing.
Writing an essay starts with a topic. As you know, you need a good subject to entice readers. In this aspect, make sure that the topic is significant, important, has many resource materials and appeals to the readers. Next, construct the thesis statement. This should already identify your goal of writing. Afterward, build the essay outline. This will serve as your platform to discuss the different aspects of the topic. Now, you can start writing the main parts of the essay namely introduction, body and conclusion.
So what is about John Locke that a student can write on? You can start with the biography of Locke. Since he is one famous person, you can easily find documents that will include everything about his life. As a starter, John Locke is the famous Empiricist. Many consider him as the Father of Liberalism who had a great impact to the world of epistemology and politics. John Locke presented several theories of the mind, which became the very reference of our knowledge on identity, perception and character.
In another aspect, you can write a John Locke essay that will enumerate his work, theories and influences. One great domain is about his theory of knowledge. He is the proponent of the idea that people’s mind are actually blank slates, tabula rasa, when they were born. Knowledge is just something that they acquire through sensory perception and experience. In another point, Locke also introduced the concept of the self. You can write about this in your essay. What Locke proposed is that self is a self-aware of it and reflects on a consciousness domain on a given body. You can expand this claim by doing an analysis essay or an opinion essay.
One more possible way to write John Locke essay is to criticize his works and ideas. As a person, you have your own opinion and take on things. We are not saying that Locke’s claims are all perfect. There should be something about them that will not have a place on your agreement. Therefore, you can write an essay that will further analyze what John Locke has presented hundreds of years ago.

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