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When a teacher requires a student to write an essay, it means they can easily choose a topic on their own. However if the teacher identifies a certain material and attach it to essay writing, then you have to write an essay about that material. This is true when you are going to write a King Lear essay. Your main mission is to write an article that will discuss anything about the play King Lear. If you are worrying about this project, then let us help you today.
Let us first discuss King Lear. The tragedy is a novel by the ever-famous William Shakespeare. Many scholars agree that the play was written at the start of 1603 and ended in 1606. King Lear is all about the king who distributed all his assets and estates which resulted to his madness. William Shakespeare utilized the actual events that happened to mythological king Leir of Britain. Because of this, the play garnered admiration among the experts who now regard the play as one of the greatest achievements of Shakespeare.
So what is it for us now to write a King Lear essay? After you have read the play, you need to exercise your skills in writing about it. This is the real intention of letting you read the novel and write about it. You have to express your thoughts and feelings about the play and share them with your readers. Therefore, it is necessary that you read first the book before writing an essay on it. Here are some of the possible directions of writing that you may consider:
Synopsis Analysis and Summary – Write an essay that will discuss the main plot of King Lear. You have the option to summarize the play and tell the story in your own words. This may be a tedious way to write an essay but you can at least present the whole text to your readers.
Character Analysis – This is yet another way to write an essay on King Lear. As always, you can write about each character in the story and then analyze his or her contribution to the overall plot. Some of the main characters in the play are King Lear, Goneril, Regan and Cordelia.
Interpretation – One more format that you can consider is writing your personal take on the story. Write an interpretation of the significance of King Lear. If possible, consider relating it to our very own social structure.

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