Position Essay

A position essay may not be a popular term that teachers use. However, you already know what it means by the name of an opinion essay. If your teacher requires you to write a position essay, then you can start by realizing a topic of interest and then take a position how you feel that topic and how you want to discuss it. It is your way of discussing a topic that the position essay will reflect.
An opinion essay is just the same as a position essay. It demands something form you that will reflect how you will take a given issue. In such a case, you can simply enumerate why you agree or disagree with a given dilemma. On the other hand, it is also possible to write a position essay that will have the same format as a persuasive essay. It does not matter as long as you will delegate your opinion.
A position essay has the same structure as any other essay types. You need to include an introduction will present the topic. The thesis statement should be available which will become your main point of discussion. The body paragraphs should be able to support your opinion or position while the conclusion should wrap up the entire discussion.
How do we create a topic for a position essay? Think of a topic that you are capable of defending. In this case, think of a subject that you know you can manage. It would be wise to evaluate how much you know about a given topic and then create a notion out of it. How do you perceive the topic? Do you think you can defend your position on it? Do you have sufficient proofs to support your claim?
Next, you must ensure that you can find many resource materials to support your take on a topic. Having an opinion on a given subject may not require too much research if you are really an expert on the topic. However, you need to support your claim with materials if you are not so sure about your knowledge.
Including some important info for your essay is also a good thing. When we talk about this info, it means you can integrate other materials’ data into your paper. This way, you are not merely relying on your opinion or position, but to other people’s opinion as well. Therefore, it will give your paper that sense of credibility.

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