Short Story Essay

We like to tell stories especially if the topic is all about fun and personal experiences. In the case when you need to write a short story essay, you can apply the same things in telling a story orally. This is the topic for today’s article; we will give you some pointers how to tell a story in written form.
An essay is an article that involves a certain topic with a certain purpose. In a narrative essay, the main purpose is to share a story with your readers. Of course, this is the same in writing a short story because the main intention is to impart what you have in mind to your readers. How do we write an essay? In general, you can write an essay by realizing only three parts. The first one is the introduction; this provides the description of the topic as well as the thesis statement. The second part is the body. This may have multiple paragraphs that will discuss the main topic. The last one is the conclusion. It should contain the summary of the entire paper or whatever you have discussed before it.
A short story essay is simply an article that wants to provide new info on a certain subject. However, this is not always factual in nature, you can tell a story according to how you feel and think. Therefore, you can consider the essay as something that is personal. What topics of interest can we use to write a short story? Well, the first possible domain of topic will be your personal experience. If you want to share your experience in a grocery store last week or your happy vacation at the beach, then you may use them as your topic. In such cases, you need to engage your readers to read your work by having interesting topics.
Short story essays can also have topics based on what you have observed. This is something that you can do if there are any events that you observed in your surroundings. Such topics of interest will require you to become more accurate in describing things. This aspect will fuel up the credibility of your story and will make it believable. Of course, it is up to you what or how much details you would like to include in the essay. But the more vivid the description of your subjects are, the more credibility your short essay will have, therefore more entertaining to the readers.
One more possible short essay topic source is your imagination. Of course, you can also use your imagination and creativity to fabricate a short story essay. It does not mean you are going to write a novel. What is more important is you take a snapshot of your imagination and ten convert it into a written story. You have full control of the details and the events because your imagination will work for this essay.

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