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Almost all schools will require the students to read Romeo and Juliet. This play by William Shakespeare has always been a favorite among literature classes. In fact, it may be abnormal for a school not to implement the reading task of the play among its students. Now, if you have already read the novel, then chances are you will also be writing Romeo and Juliet essays. This is always the case if the teacher wants to grade you according to the principles of effective writing. In such a case, we will discuss how you can compose an essay about Romeo and Juliet.
First of all, you must ensure that you really have read the play. Only this way you will be able to write a quality article. If you understood what the story is all about, then it will be much easier to convey your thoughts within your essay. It is not a requirement for you to become a master’s degree holder on Romeo and Juliet. What you only need to do is to understand the whole context of the story and then interpret it. Therefore, we will start with the process of identifying your goal in writing. As you already know, writing an essay will involve different purposes. You can tell a story in narrative essays, describe something in descriptive essay or claim an idea in an argumentative article. This is the first step for you to do, to identify your purpose.
Next, you should be able to select what aspect of Romeo and Juliet you would like to tackle. When the teacher required you to read a play, it means that you will also be writing an essay about it later on. In such a case, it would be ideal if you will prepare yourself in writing on a certain aspect of the novel. Some of the most common segments of a play that you can write on are setting, character analysis, plot analysis and themes. You can write any of these essay types when you learn what each of the parameters represent. Here are some minor details: The themes involve the appealing sense in the story, some examples are loneliness, joy or anger. The plot is the drama the builds up to a certain crucial event. It will be the main direction of the story to resolve an issue. The character analysis is the evaluation of the personas in the story and evaluating their contributions to the narrative. Lastly, the setting involves the discussions of time and place where the story happened.
In writing Romeo and Juliet essays, you also have to follow the same writing steps that you already know. First, choose the direction for writing. Second, create a thesis statement. Third, create an outline for the writing process. Fourth, compose the essay parts: introduction, body and the conclusion. Fifth, cite any source of info that you will use. Lastly, proofread your Romeo and Juliet essays.

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