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Why so many students are afraid to start writing their essays? Maybe because they thought that it is a complicated paper to write. But you should not be afraid of this task because at the end of the day, there is nothing you can do but to write an article for a grade. How is it possible to write a very good essay? Our suggestion is for you to get started writing a simple essay.
Many times students get frustrated over writing their essays. It is because they do not realize that practicing can actually hone their skills. You can start practicing writing a simple essay because it is much easier to handle. Therefore, our main topic for today is writing a simple yet good quality article. How can we get started? Writing an essay starts with the choosing the topic. As you know, your topic will become the centerpiece of reason why a reader would read your work. Since we are talking about a simple essay, make your selection also simple. Choose a topic that you are familiar with, has a certain degree of importance and is interesting.
Identify the scope of your discussion and its purpose. Writing an essay should have a certain degree of importance. This is also what we refer to as direction. There are many ways for you to write an essay; you can tell a story in a narrative, describe something in descriptive essay, influence your readers with persuasive or argumentative essays or even teach your audience how to do something with a process essay.
Next, create a simple outline. This should not be similar to a research proposal. An outline for a simple essay should at least have the basic parts and then divided into segments of your discussion. That way, you can write an essay with a good structure. Once you have created an outline, you can start having the title, then the body of the essay and then the concluding part.
An essay, no matter how simple or complicated it is, should have the three most important parts of an article. The introduction introduces the main topic and the thesis. The body paragraphs discuss the main topic. While the conclusion wraps up the discussion with a resolution to the problem statement. Make sure that you also proofread your work before submitting it.

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