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Many students, and people, get confused what Frankenstein really is. If you have seen an old movie on Frankenstein, you will immediately conclude that it is the monster in the storyline. However, Frankenstein is actually the creator of the monster. If this is a trivia for you, then you should reconsider your plan in writing a Frankenstein essays.
Frankenstein is a novel by Mary Shelley. The novel was published in 1818 as a second edition. Up to now, many considers it as one of the primary starting point of science fiction novels. What is the story all about? Victor Frankenstein is the primary character in the novel. He created a creature in human form but it is more powerful. This probably led many to think that Frankenstein is the monster in the novel. Now you know better, he is the scientist who created the unusual creature.
What can we write about in Frankenstein essays? You have many options to write an essay about Frankenstein. First, you can have a plot analysis. The overall condition of the plot centers at the achievements of Victor in creating artificial life. He used the old theories of sciences in which the main objective is to create life out of seemingly ordinary matters. The story also revolves on the simple and practical life of Frankenstein and how the monster he created influenced his own life.
In another way, you can write a Frankenstein essay that will have character analysis as the main goal. You can consider Frankenstein as a vulnerable character because of his obsession with non-traditional science. Meanwhile, you can also write about the monster and then describe how human he really is and how he managed to influence the climax of the story as well as the behavior of other characters.
A personal analysis essay is also possible. You can write this by identifying what the author is trying to convey to the readers. For example, you can use the theme of science, playing god, loneliness, achievements, fulfillment in life and tragedy. All of these themes are evident in the novel. You can then start an analysis by starting in any of these themes.
One more possible way to write Frankenstein essays is by composing an argumentative or persuasive article. Do you think this is a good novel for anyone else to read? What if there are some people who are not accustomed to reading gothic novels? Try to influence other people to consider Frankenstein and make them believe it is a worthy story to read.

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