Observation Essay

What do we mean when we observe something? Observing an object or an event is something that we can do using our visual senses. This is something like retrieving and acquiring info from a source by seeing the details of the information. When a teacher tells you to write an observation essay, it only means that you will be writing an article according to your observations. Let us talk about the procedures involved in writing an observation essay.
Choosing the topic is the first step to write an observation essay. As you know, writing an essay starts with the election of subject that will become the contents of the article. Therefore, you must choose a topic that you can observe. This should be a significant topic, an important one, relevant to your readers, is observable and of course interesting. You must also choose a topic that you can support with some research materials.
An observation essay will simply include the same paragraphs as with any other essay types. It means you have to put the introduction paragraph, the body paragraphs and the conclusion. All of these parts are requirements in writing a good essay. In some cases, you may also integrate a picture or an illustration within the body paragraphs of an observation essay.
So what is the next procedure? Before writing an essay, you must create an outline. The outline will serve as the backbone for your writing process. It will become your pattern to write the parts of the essay. You already know that the out line serves as the plan of action in writing. Therefore, you can easily modify it according to your preferences. For more info about writing an outline, simply take a look at the samples that we have on this website.
Writing the observation essay should start by listing the important details about the topic. You can observe a person, an object and event or any tangible matters. This way, you can create a list of attributes of the subject that you will explain in the essay. Afterward, you may start building the outline for the essay. It should provide the readers some degree of description. In order for you to describe the matter efficiently, make sure that you provide vivid details about the object. Be truthful and honest with your descriptions. Do not exaggerate just to capture the readers attention.

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