Introduction for an Essay

Some students do not know how to write the introduction for an essay. This will be a major problem because the introduction is the primary paragraph of any articles. It is where the presentation of the topic happens. If you are not aware of the basic components of an introduction for an essay, let us give you a few tips to make your life easier.
The introduction for an essay is simply the first paragraph. Writers use this part to help the readers become more familiar with the topic. It is like presenting a new friend to the readers. This can only happen if you will write an effective introductory paragraph. So what does this part contain? You partition the introduction into three special parts. The essay hook sentence, the introduction of the topic and the thesis statement.
The essay hook is the very first part of the introduction for an essay. It is the sentence or a phrase that will attract readers to read further the essay content. An essay hook is the bait for tall the audience who will happen to scan the essay title. A hook can be in different forms but all of these styles need to be very attractive. The different types of essay hooks are the following:
• Question, you will ask your reader a simple question but is thought provoking.
• Analogy, an essay hook that will relate two different things to let the readers decide for themselves whether it is acceptable or not.
• Literary quote, this type of essay hook can mean using a famous quote fro a famous persona.
• Shocking Ideas, you can write a shocking idea that not so many people know about.
• Generalization, one more essay hook that will generalize an opinion in which the intention is to stir the minds of the readers.
The second part of the introduction for an essay is the topic background. It must contain the description of the topic and give the readers explanations why it was chosen. The background of the topic should also mean discussing the main agenda of the writer. It should contain some relationship discussions between the topic and the concepts that the writer wants to present. You should write the topic background by answering the “why” aspect of the topic.
One more part of the introduction for an essay is the thesis statement. It should be something that is assertive. The thesis sentence of any articles will serve as the main focus of idea. Once you have chosen a good topic, it is important that you immediately realize a thesis sentence. This way, you will not be lost in choosing the ways to discuss the topic. The thesis must be the main reason why you will write an essay.

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