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One of the biggest problems of students is that they cannot simply write an essay with a given topic. This is a known fact especially when teachers will provide the topic and the students will have to write about it. However, there is a real benefit in providing the main topic to write in an essay. The teacher will be able to identify who among the students can really write good essays. Now, one possible limited topic that your teacher will require you to write is about immigration. It is a social and political phenomenon, which is a good essay topic. We will talk about the possible topic scopes that you can write for immigration essays.
The first topic scope that we will suggest is defining what immigration is. You can compose an article that will serve as an informative essay. This type should give your readers some clear definitions of what immigration is. Although it may require you to conduct research, it is a good thing that you can share to your readers what you know about immigration. You should first know what it is and then write an article that will become the main source of info about the topic.
You can write immigration essays that will see the technical aspects of the idea. Immigration is the process where people from other countries are migrating to another country. This kind of an essay can discuss the legal details of immigration where international communities are involved. Again, you need o conduct a few research in order for you to learn what these legal concerns are.
Immigration essays can also be in cause and effect essay forms. One good example is to discuss the causes why people migrate to another place and the effects of the migration to both the country of origin and the country of destination. You should see the implications of immigration to politics, social science, racial discrimination, industrial development or global health concerns.
One more writing technique that we will suggest to you is to write immigration essays that are argumentative in nature. For example, you can argue that people migrating to your country are competing for already reduced forms of employment. That is why many local residents are losing jobs to the immigrants since they accept any jobs with low pays.

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