How to Write an Essay Introduction

Have you been looking for the answer to the question how to write an essay introduction? You can stop your search now because we will talk about it today. How to write an essay introduction is not a simple question to answer. It demands sufficient information so you can write an essay efficiently. We will start explaining you the steps in writing an essay introduction by first defining the purpose of the paragraph.
The essay introduction, or any other introduction paragraphs for school papers, intends to accomplish only one thing, to introduce the topic to the readers. In that case, you should only concentrate on the aspect of writing it to make it a good platform for introducing the discussion subject. So let us begin discussing the three basic parts of the essay introduction paragraph.
The first part of the essay introduction is the essay hook. The essay hook is the very first sentence in the introduction. It is a bait to capture the attention of the readers. Essay hooks can be in three popular forms. The first one is as a quote hook. You can use a quote from a famous person. For example if you have a topic about physics, you can use a quote from Isaac Newton. The second type of an essay hook is a generalization statement. You can write a general idea that is very assertive. This way, the statement will become a valid one even if there are other interpretations for it. In such a case, the reader will have no choice but to see your side of the argument. The last type of an essay hook is the question form. You can actually ask your readers and provoke him. A question hook can target the very specific logical reasoning of a reader. In that case, one will be looking for an answer within your essay, a good way to attract readers.
The next part of the essay introduction is the topic presentation. This is actually the main agenda in writing the introductory paragraph. You have to introduce the topic of your essay. In addition, you must provide the readers some reasons why you have chosen the topic of interest. This will give them in idea of the topic’s importance. As a writer, you have full control of these topic benefits. You can present all of them to the audience. Apart from the importance of the topic, you should also include some details how you will go about your discussion. The introduction should become a platform to brief your readers on the specific info that you will use in the body paragraphs.
The last concept about how to write an essay introduction is the creation of the thesis statement. This should be available as the last part of the introduction. The thesis statement is the overall idea of the essay. You can write in an assertive way because the body discussions of the essay will be able to support it. The thesis statement must be specific notions that will make the readers realize other interpretations of a certain idea.

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