How to Quote in an Essay

It is much easier to write an essay if you will simply rely on other people’s articles. Sure, this is a good idea but you cannot simply copy the parts of any documents. You will be committing plagiarism if you will do this. However, since there are some essays that can contain research results, you can actually learn to incorporate another essay’s part into your article. This is by quoting the external paper. How to quote an essay is our topic for today’s post.
How to quote an essay is a primary concern for many students. Let us first discuss why you would want to quote an essay. The main agenda in doing this is to tell your readers that you acquired the info from another source. You may indirectly tell this by saying, “according to…” or “(Name) said that…” when you signify a certain factual claim. However, there are times when you simply want to save time and make the message much clearer by exactly saying what the other author said. This is where you have to learn how to quote in an essay.
It is very simple to quote another essay. When you are about to do in text citation, you can directly copy the exact part of another essay and paste it to your article. Now, in order to stay away from any plagiarism offenses, you have to put quotation marks to enclose the exact part that you retrieved from the external document. With quotation marks, you are now telling your readers that you do not own the idea and you just acquired it from another source.
There are ways to signify the clean intention of integrating another paper’s parts into your essay. This is what we call citation. It is a formal step in making sure that you recognize the contribution of a parson or another document to your essay content. There are two types of citation styles, the APA and MLA formats. It is very simply to use citation in an article. After writing the closing quotation mark, simply allocate a space after it where you will put the author’s name. For the APA format it should look like this (Roberts, 1976) where you put the publication year of his work. On the other hand, the MLA format should look like this (Roberts 55) where the second entry is the page number of his work.
Now that you know how to quote in an essay, you can use any articles that you want and build up your base of information within your essay

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