How to Make a Cover page

Many research paper materials are available on the internet. From writing the introduction paragraphs to writing the bibliography page, you can find many articles on how to make a certain part of the research paper project. One of the primary concerns of the students is how to write the specific pages of their articles. In today’s post, we will cover one of the simplest but most important parts of any school paper, the cover page. We will talk about how to make a cover page for research papers.
How to make a cover page is quite easy. You will only need a single paper to write all the details of the cover page. However, you should also remember that the cover page is the very first part of the research paper that your readers will see. Therefore, the overall appeal of your paper will depend on how your cover page impresses the readers. In such a case, the visual presentation and the content of the cover page are at the forefront in presenting what you are made of. Here is the information that you need to put in the cover page as well as some instructions how you should put them in the paper.
Start writing the title of your essay. The title must be in centered position of the page. Usually, an APA format paper can have the title at the very center of the page in booth lengthwise and crosswise alignment. However, you can also put the title at the upper 30% space of the page. The title of the essay should be in title case. You should only capitalize the first letters of each word in the whole title. Do not use bold, italics and underlined words in the title. Quotation marks and all other special characters should not be in the title.
Right after the title of the essay, you can put the following information: your name as the author of the article, the class details that will include class section, academic year and subject, and the professor’s name. You should also put the date of submission if you already have a fixed date for it. Just like the title, this set of information should be in centered position and alignment. Make sure that each data has its own text line.
Lastly, how to make a cover page is concerned with the pagination. If you have a short title, you can put all of its parts in the upper right hand corner of the cover page. Otherwise, you can compress the details in the title and make a shortened version of it. Right after the title in the upper corner, write the page number in lower case of a corresponding Roman numeral I. Now, you are done with cover page writing.

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