How to Begin an Essay

It can be a dilemma for a first time writer to write an essay. One aspect that can truly frustrate a student is starting an essay with the very first sentence that he wants to deliver. That is why we will talk about how to begin an essay in a way that you can maximize the readers’ attention to read your article. It is not a big deal for experienced writers to start writing an essay. However, for a newbie like you there are some pointers that you first need to know if you want to make your essay more valuable to the audience.
How to begin an essay is a simple problem. You can solve this by knowing the initial part of an article. The introduction is the very first paragraph that you need to include in an essay. This is where you will introduce the topic to the readers. It is the platform to acquaint your audience to the goal of the writer. It is also the presenter of the topic that the writer wants to discuss. Therefore, you should know how to write an introduction paragraph.
There are at least three segments in writing an introduction. The first segment is the essay hook. This is actually the very beginning part of the whole article. An essay hook can be in a quote form. You can write a famous quote from a famous person and relate it to your topic. Another form of an essay hook is the question form. You can write a question that will stir the minds of the readers. A question should be intriguing and thought provoking to maintain the interest of the readers. Lastly, an essay hook can also be in the form of a generalization. You can generalize an idea and let the readers either support or reject it. This way, they will be enticed to read the remainder of your article.
The second segment on how to being an essay is by writing the topic background. This is the core element of the introduction paragraph. You should let the readers know what your essay is all about. It is necessary that you also provide the reason behind choosing the topic. The introduction will serve as the platform to jump-start the main discussion within the body of the essay.
The last segment of the introduction paragraph is the thesis statement. This is the general idea of your paper. You need to provide an assertive statement basing it on opinion, observation, problem or a guarantee of a concept. The thesis statement is usually the last sentence of the introduction part.

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