How to End an Essay

Most students fear the fact that they have to write an essay. It is always a dilemma for them to compose an article that requires thinking and researching. Usually, starting an essay is a big problem especially if one is not familiar with writing an introduction. It is even more problematic if one does not have a direction for writing dues to a lousy topic. However, there are also students who are concerned with how to end an essay. This article will give you some pointers how to end a discussion in your essay.
The ending paragraph of an essay is the conclusion. As what the term implies, it is where you will conclude all the discussions in the essay. The conclusion is at the end part of an article because it wraps up everything from the very start of the discussion up to the last part of the main body in the essay. We usually see conclusion paragraphs that contain a summary. Nevertheless, a summary of the article should not be the only content in the ending paragraph. It should contain more than that.
So how to end an essay? You need to include three parts in the conclusion paragraph. The first part should be the main summary of the entire article. Just like what you previously know, the conclusion is the summary of the essay. This is true but you should only reserve it in the first 30% of the essay. You can write the summary by looking at the primary ideas in each paragraph from the introduction to the last body segment. Summarize in a way that you reiterate these main ideas and compile them in a chronological order.
The second phase of the conclusion is the resolution to the thesis statement. If you have created a simple statement, you can just re-state it and relate it to the main discussions in the essay. However, you can also provide a resolution or an answer if you have provided a thesis in problem or question form respectively. You should have it in a clear way so that the conclusion will resolve whatever problems you have created in the introduction.
The last part of the conclusion is not actually applicable to all types of articles. It is what we call the recommendations part. Usually, a research paper uses recommendation segments if the research process has failed to produce confirmed and valid results. In the case of a simple essay, you may not need a recommendations part when you end an essay discussion.

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