Happiness Essay

Happiness is a relative outlook in life; it is also a relative experience dependent on the person’s mood. However, you can still write a happiness essay even though it is an intangible subject to discuss. Now, let us talk about the different ways for you to write an essay about the topic happiness.
There are certain domains of happiness that we can talk about in an essay. It will depend on your experience and your goal in writing this kind of an essay. For your convenience, let us first enumerate the most basic parts of an essay. First, you need to have an introduction paragraph. This is where you will start talking about the topic. You should have a thesis statement in this section of the essay. Second, you must have a set of body paragraphs. This is where you will talk about everything that supports the thesis statement. Make sure that you have a coherent discussion of topic in this section. The last part is the conclusion. This will wrap up the whole discussion from start to finish. You should reiterate your thesis statement here. Afterward, provide a resolution to your problem statement if there is any.
Let us begin enumerating the possible happiness essay topics and approaches in writing.
• A happiness essay can be in the form of a narrative article. Write about an experience that made you happy. Provide some details what the event was and why it was an important thing for you. It is possible to include specific dates, setting and locations for such an essay to make the story more interesting.
• You can write a happiness essay in the form of an opinion article. This way, you can discuss what happiness really is and how one can achieve it. Of course, you can only rely on your opinion because as we said before, happiness is a relative thing of experience.
• How about writing an essay based on persuasive ideas? You can do this in a happiness essay by identifying a single concept of happiness and influence the readers to accept that it is a “happy” thing to consider. For example, you may persuade your readers that having a huge sum of money is a very happy thing.
• One more approach in writing a happiness essay is by writing a descriptive article. Describe what a happy person is or what happiness really is. is it a stat of mind or is it something that is emotionally experienced? How can you describe a happy person without looking at his physical reactions on things?

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